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Types of LED Ceiling Lights


Types of LED Ceiling Lights

You can get different types of LED Ceiling lights for each room in the market. Their variety makes them unique for various spaces, right from your homes to your offices. Stylize your living space with some beautiful ceiling light.

LED Recessed Panel Lights

LED panel lights are great options for space saving solutions for your home or office. They can add radiance to any room by complementing the aesthetics of the space. Available in two options – round and square – LED panel lights are a great investment and come with at least 2 years of warranty.

They are composed of an ultra-slim rim to give your space a sleek look. They have superior lumen efficiency with 100 lumen/watt for a brighter light.

LED Surface Panel Lights

The LED panel ceiling lights are very easy to adapt to any space. They have a slim panel adjustment to fit any ceiling. They emit a wider light spread and are also equipped with an anti-flicker technology to ensure there is minimum eyestrain while working or watching the television.

LED surface panel lights also make choices for types of ceiling lights for the bedroom. You can fit them in the corners of your ceiling or as per your room’s aesthetic to make the most of it.