LED flood light News

  • Use our commercial-grade KOFI LED flood lights for building facades, parking lots, and landscapes. These powerful and efficient lights are designed to replace 300W to 900W metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures with a 60% savings in energy use.


  • Floodlights can be installed anywhere you’d like a large area to be covered, such as your driveway, walkway, backyard, or a playing area like a tennis court. There are all kinds of places where floodlights can be installed. What are some of these places beyond a home or commercial building?


  • As the world advocates for more renewable energy, Kofi lighting fixture manufacturer has also been busy. The new trend in the market is the inception and use of LED solar lights. Just like standard solar energy, solar LED lights are incredibly efficient. LED solar lights also integrate battery technology and are totally off-grid.


  • LED flood light outdoor can produce up to 3000-20000lm brightness, 120°beam angle, lighting area up to 200㎡, and can save you up to 80% electricity bill compared with traditional halogen outdoor lights.


  • All of our flood lights emit brilliant light that’s glare- and shadow-free. No need to worry about light fading the farther you get from the source; the flood light beams are uniform, with no dark or hot spots. Plus, our LED flood lights are estimated to last over 50,000 hours- 100,000 hours, without any maintenance needed. Each outdoor LED flood light has also been third-party tested for top quality, meaning it had to pass multiple tests to even be sold on our website. (Read more about it in our popular blog about flood lights). Even still, we offer a 2, 3 and 5-year warranty, to give you that extra peace of mind.


  • LED Flood lights require 700 to 1300 lumens. The brighter the lights are, the more lumens they emit, and the more secure your space. Motion sensor LED flood lights require between 300 and 700 lumens.Mid-wattage bulbs are anything between 40 and 80 watts. These are what you’ll mostly find inside your home.


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