LED Batten light News

  • Check the lumens of the lighting fixture When choosing batten lights, you’ll probably look at the wattage, which shows how bright they are. The brightness of LEDs, on the other hand, is determined differently. Unlike incandescent lighting, the brightness of batten lights is not determined by the number of watts used. Instead, the intelligence of an LED batten is measured in lumens (lm). Once you begin looking for LED batten lights, this is the primary area to concentrate your efforts.


  • The LED ceiling light is a great replacement for your fluorescent lighting and offers a cost-effective choice. Easy and fast installation. Can be mounted on walls and ceilings, child-friendly installation. Our LED tube has an exceptionally high light output and is very energy efficient. It has been expertly designed to maximize lifetime and efficiency.


  • The improvements to the LED batten light has come a long way over the years, with today’s most popular LED lighting solutions for businesses, warehouses and homes using a myriad of features for security, control and environmental safety.


  • A fluorescent lamp, or fluorescent tube, is a low-pressure mercury-vapor gas-discharge lamp that uses fluorescence to produce visible light. An electric current in the gas excites mercury vapor, which produces short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the lamp to glow.


  • Are LED batten lights energy-efficient? The bulbs within LED battens produce a minimum amount of heat, meaning they're less likely to overheat, break and require maintenance. This also makes them much more energy efficient than other types of lighting.


  • Here is all you need to know about LED tube lights, to help you make the right choice for your home Tube lights are common at homes and can be found in bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchens, and work spaces, as well as in commercial installations. Tube lights are available in various sizes and brightness levels, making their purchase choice confusing. Tube lights are available as LED tube light and fluorescent tube light. Both have varieties, in terms of brightness, length, utility, etc.