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How to Select Led Batten Lights?


How to Select Led Batten Lights?

Check the lumens of the lighting fixture

When choosing batten lights, you’ll probably look at the wattage, which shows how bright they are. The brightness of LEDs, on the other hand, is determined differently. Unlike incandescent lighting, the brightness of batten lights is not determined by the number of watts used. Instead, the intelligence of an LED batten is measured in lumens (lm). Once you begin looking for LED batten lights, this is the primary area to concentrate your efforts.

Select the LED batten light according to their colors

If you don’t like the white light with the glare that earlier LED models provide, you should go for newer types. Batten lights come in various colors, ranging from a warm yellow-white similar to incandescent lighting to a brighter shade of white or bluish-white.

Check the batten light’s box for the color of light, determined by its Kelvin temperature. Those with lower Kelvin values produce Warm-colored light. The bluer the light produced by batten lighting is, the higher the Kelvin. White and blue batten lights have Kelvin scales of 3500-4100K and 5000-6500K, respectively, whereas yellow batten lights have a Kelvin range of 2700-3000K.

LED chip quality

The LED chip determines the performance of an LED batten light. As a result, you’ll need to concentrate on the LED chip type in your lighting fixture. Chips of greater quality have a longer lifespan and minor depreciation in light output and quality over time. However, if you want a high-quality LED chip, you’ll have to invest more money. As a result, thoroughly inspect the LED chips before burning them.