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Big orders, thousands of attendees and lots of selling


Big orders, thousands of attendees and lots of selling


Two weeks ago, Kofi had the opportunity to attend the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, a lively event that, together with two other significant co-located events, attracted over 66,000 attendees from 160 countries and regions, as well as nearly 3,000 exhibitors. The fair was organized in collaboration between the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). Sharing the venue with the Lighting Fair were the Hong Kong Electronics Fair and the debut InnoEx event, which focused on smart cities and digital business, collectively drawing the impressive number of participants.

Among the three co-located events, the Electronics Fair stood out as the largest draw, boasting the most extensive list of vendors. Comparable to a smaller, less-grandiose version of the US-based Consumer Electronics Show, the electronics fair catered specifically to electronics sourcing professionals.

Stronger Emphasis on Selling, not Marketing

Contrary to most North American lighting trade shows and events I have attended, which typically cater to architectural lighting designers, distributors, and contractors with an emphasis on branding and marketing, this fair took a distinct approach. The audience at this fair consisted of OEMs and other sourcing professionals, arriving in Hong Kong with shopping lists and spending budgets in hand. To cater to this audience, exhibitors employed direct and assertive selling tactics, aiming to engage attendees more effectively and facilitate swift business transactions. This change in strategy fostered a results-oriented atmosphere, distinguishing it from similar events I have previously experienced.

Sophia Chong, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director, mentioned to me that the fair taps into two main buying seasons, April and October. The Lighting Fair helps exhibitors write orders and boost their businesses.