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What Are Solar Flood Lights?


What Are Solar Lights?

The use of solar lighting has gained traction over the past several years. Solar lighting is broadly categorized into two; Indoor and outdoor. The outdoor solar lights are more prominent for apparent reasons. Outdoor solar lights are common today partly because they are easy to install. Furthermore, they are almost maintenance-free. High electricity costs are a non-issue for homes and establishments that rely on solar lighting. The most common residential solar lights include wall-mounted, security, pathway light sets, and freestanding lamp posts. 

Solar lighting is unique because it uses solar cells to convert sunlight energy into electricity. Since electricity is mainly required at night, the electric energy from the sun is usually stored in batteries up to the evening. The most widely used batteries are sealed lead acid, nickel cadmium, and lead acid batteries. Fortunately, solar lighting systems work perfectly well in most parts of the worldwide.

As the world advocates for more renewable energy, Kofi lighting fixture manufacturer has also been busy. The new trend in the market is the inception and use of LED solar lights. Just like standard solar energy, solar LED lights are incredibly efficient. LED solar lights also integrate battery technology and are totally off-grid. 

Solar light benefits include:

• Easy installation

• Battery backup for rainy and cloudy weather conditions

• Minimum maintenance

• Absence of recurrent electricity bills

• No metering, trenching, and cabling required

• Away with power outages

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