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What is recessed lighting?


What is recessed lighting?

LED downlights are a type of recessed lighting that consists of two components, the housing of the lights and the trims. The housing gets hidden within the ceiling and contains the electrical components of the unit. The trim is the visible, decorative portion of the light, which gives the room and the light its aesthetic. The advantages of LED downlights include simple installation, long life and energy efficiency. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, lumen outputs and color temperatures. This lighting option is commonly seen in kitchens, lobbies, hallways and conference rooms, making them extremely versatile lights.

Depending on your preference and the style of the room where your lights are being installed, you may choose either round or square LED downlights. You can also choose the color temperature, which plays an important part in setting the tone of that room. Warm white is most common for living rooms, dens and other main living spaces. Daylight is common in bathrooms, where people tend to get ready.

Recessed LED downlights come in various sizes, shapes and color temperatures. You can purchase either round or square downlights depending on the look you’re going for within your space. Color temperatures play a large role in the room you’re lighting based on the ambiance you’re looking for within that space.

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