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LED test standards and test methods


What is the LED test standard

Semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) is a new type of light-emitting body, with high electro-optical efficiency, small size, long life, low voltage, energy saving and environmental protection, it is an ideal lighting device for the next generation. LED photoelectric test is an important and only means to test LED photoelectric performance, and the corresponding test results are the basis for evaluating and reflecting the current development level of LED industry in my country. The development of standards for LED optoelectronic testing methods is an important way to uniformly measure the optoelectronic properties of LED products, and it is the premise that the test results truly reflect the development level of my country’s LED industry. Combined with the latest national standard of LED test method, this paper introduces several main aspects of LED photoelectric performance test.

Semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been widely used in indicator lights, signal lights, instrument displays, mobile phone backlights, vehicle light sources and other occasions, especially with the development of white LED technology, LEDs have become more and more widely used in the field of lighting. However, in the past, there were no comprehensive national standards and industry standards for LED testing. In production practice, only relative parameters were used as the basis. Different manufacturers, users and research institutions had a lot of disputes on this, which led to the serious influence on development of the domestic LED industry. Therefore, the national standard for testing methods of semiconductor light-emitting diodes came into being.

LED test method
Based on the actual needs of various LED application fields, LED testing needs to include many aspects, including: electrical characteristics, optical characteristics, switching characteristics, color characteristics, thermal characteristics, reliability and so on.

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