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Can you change the bulb in an LED downlight?


Can you change the bulb in an LED downlight?


Upgrading your home with residential LED downlights can drastically change the overall look and feel of your home. It’s chic, modern, simple, and minimalist. It’s also a common go-to-lighting for business establishments. Investing in quality downlights will better illuminate the space and make it more efficient.


However, even if you only purchased the LED bulb, you can still use the old outer ring. Gently remove the old bulb and place the new one. Once ready, plug the pins into the socket and push the outer ring until you hear a click from the ceiling, indicating the downlight has been locked in place.


Additionally, LED downlights can last for years and their operation emits only a tiny amount of heat. Upgrading downlights to LED is a pretty straightforward choice, and with types of LED lights manufactured to fit within halogen downlight cutouts, you’ll be guaranteed a seamless transition.