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What types of LED spotlights can be recessed into the ceiling?


To illuminate a room with recessed LED spotlights, you have the choice between several models of luminaires to be installed on the ceiling.

1.The LED spotlights, the most common model, are connected directly to the electrical supply in the false ceiling and illuminate the area just below them. This is the most basic format of recessed LED spotlights, but also the one that adapts to all common configurations.

2. The ceiling spotlight or “downlight”, are specially designed for tight spaces. Extra-flat, they are very compact but just as effective.

3. Most models are available in a single version (either one spot per support), or as a double LED spotlight, or even triple. Two or three ceiling spots are then contained in a single recessed unit. They allow two ceiling lamps to be installed on a single electrical supply.

4. To accurately illuminate a specific area, you can also install adjustable LED spotlights. These pivot slightly inside their support, to illuminate part of the room more intensely.

5.To further customize the lighting in the room, also consider the dimmable spots. These offer you the possibility to vary the lighting power according to your needs and the time of day.

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