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Types of LED Panel lights


Types of LED Panel lights:

There are a variety of types of High-Quality LED Panel Light that you can choose from. These panels are used for general lighting with limited adjustability, however in the most basic installations, LED chips can produce nearly limitless varieties of light and LED panels have different designs and capabilities depending on your needs. Following are the most popular types:

Rectangular / Square Panels:

Most panels have either square or rectangular dimensions. The most common one is LED Panel 600×600, other dimensions include 300×300, 300×600, 300×1200, 600×1200, 620×620 mm. You can select one of these fixtures based on the situation, replacing or installing a new ceiling grid.

Round Light Panels:

Round LED panel lights are often installed in suspended installation. It’s a very common choice of panel lighting as they offer low-profile installation with bright light, and attractive look. These LED panels come in different diameters depending on your needs.

Edge-lit LED Flat Panel Light:

The light source is placed around the panel, the light enters the panel on the side and light out from the surface of the panel. They are designed for drop-in ceiling panels.

Back-lit LED Panels:

Back-lit panels will project light across the light panel from the front. They work with the LED light sources at the back of the panel. As well as, they work for troffer sorts of lighting installation.

White Light LED Panels:

White light is the most common form of lighting, so it isn’t a surprise that white light panels are one of the most popular types.

RGB Color Changing LED Panel Lights:

RGB LED Panels can be used for creative and decorative lighting options that can be changed by a remote control. They have different installation options, on ceilings to change the lighting, or mounted to a wall where the panels will become the main focus.

Temperature and Brightness Adjustable LED Panels:

These panels offer a full spectrum of white light that can be adjusted from warm to cooler lighting via remote controls. Also, these panels can be dimmed up or down to meet the brightness requirements and desires.

Applications and Usage:

LED Panels are suitable for a wide range of both commercial and residential applications. Below are some of the most common applications.

LED Light Panel for Education:

LED panels are important to provide the right lighting environment for students. It will keep them engaged and focused during classes.

LED Panel for Hospital:

You have more control over the surrounding environment to create the proper lighting for the patients to make them feel better and more relaxed.

LED Light Panel for Offices:

Using LED panel light in the offices is one way to enhance the workplace for employees by creating low-glare lighting.

LED Light Panels for Conference and Seminar Rooms:

A great choice for conference and seminar rooms. In comparison with fluorescent fixtures, they can be turned on /off without affecting the fixture’s lifespan.

LED Panels for Auditorium and Multi-Purpose Halls:

You will need flexible lighting to serve various events. LED panels are an excellent choice as they are able to adjust to any demand.

LED Light Panels for Warehouses and Garages:

They can provide a bright and dimmable lighting to match the needs of the place. Also, repeatedly switching on/off won’t affect the lifetime of the panels.

LED Light Panel for Supermarkets and Mall:

They can provide bright lighting for a good shopping experience. Buyers will have a good feeling from LED panels as they can be adjusted to match the required environment.

Benefits / Advantages of LED Panels:

High Quality LED Panels designed to prevent light leakage, and provide efficient and stylish lighting. One of the major benefits is savings, as you can save both money and energy, they have lower energy consumption and maintenance cost; you don’t have to replace them regularly. Also, the repetitive switching on/off won’t affect the lifetime as other traditional lighting methods. Not to mention the easy and fast installation of the fixtures.

You can summary them as:

·         Energy saving.

·         Cost saving (Bills – Maintenance – Replacement).

·         Produce much more lumens per watt of energy used.

·         Longer Lifetime and durability.

·         Decorative, stylish and slim appearance/look.

·         Fast and easy to install.

·         Good heat dissipation.

·         Variety of options.

·         Variety of applications.

·         Suitable for emergency lighting.

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