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How to Choose High Quality LED Panels


A growing number of buyers are turning toward High Quality LED Panels to illuminate their homes and businesses. It is an ideal solution for placement in standard ceiling systems and can replace the existing fluorescent ceiling lights. Also they will benefit from the best of both worlds with brighter environment, lower maintenance costs, and longer lifetime.  

Now is a good time to make the investment and switch to LED light panels as they are more reliable, easy to install and most important a much lower energy consumption. As well as, panel lights have become one of the most popular choices for creating decorative lighting.

Factors to Select the Proper LED Panels:

In recent years many customers turned to LED lighting instead of fluorescent and other traditional lighting methods. Here we will help you knowing how to choose LED Panels, as they provide high-quality lighting solutions for many applications and needs.

Size and Position:

The size is the most popular factor of choosing LED panel lights, and the most popular size is LED Panel 600×600 and LED Panel 120×30, It depends on if you are replacing your old system with new one, so it will be only a matter of installing new fixtures; or installing new grid. As well as, LED drivers have a plug and socket connectors for rapid and easy installation.

LED Panel Light Power:

Traditional fluorescent fittings waste up to 40% of the light in the fittings themselves. On the other side, LED light panels deliver wider beam angle and more light, with less power. You can use this to:

·         Upgrade and enjoy better lighting levels through changing existing lighting system without changes to the ceiling grid.

·         Optimize and achieve similar or higher lighting levels through using less fittings.
For example: In a room that has 4 light fittings, you can reduce them to 3 using LED panels and even making better lighting and more savings.

·         Saving: Both upgrading and optimizing will lead to a lot of cost and energy savings.


More lights don’t always mean more power. Modern technologies for LED panels make them having high output, excellent efficiency, less energy consumption, and longer lifetime. Which means, they use less power to deliver comparable light output. For large and mega projects, the savings are significant.

Lumens per Watt:

Lumen is the measure unit of light output “The higher the lumens, the higher the light output”. Lumens per watts gives a measure of the efficiency “The higher the lumens per watt, the more efficient the LED panels are”. You must check this factor before buying any fixture. Always remember, higher rating leads to better lighting experience.

Color Temperature:

The color temperature (CT) is based on customer desire or requirements. It means “how the light will look” and represented by Kelvin (K). Each different application will demand a different color, for example, an office use a 5000k temperature as it is the best CT for a work environment.

The importance of color temperature that it can affect the human brain. Having a lighting similar to daylight color will make the human brain react to it, and you will be more awake, active, and alert.

If you are changing your home lights then go for 4000k, it will be more like a beautiful natural skylight through your ceiling. As the 4000k is the perfect mix of both cool white and natural white as it has a touch between soft cool and warm, delivering is the perfect balance.

·         Cool White: Range from 5000K to 6000K, suitable for schools, offices, retail and commercial areas. This is the most common choice for LED panels.

·         Natural White: Range from 400K to 5000K which looks like sunlight, suitable for garages and basements.

·         Warm White: Range from 2700K to 3000K which looks like traditional golden color from filament lamps, suitable for nursing homes and similar places.


Dimming function requires a different LED driver than non-dimmable driver. So, if you need this feature, make sure you choose a dimmable lighting panel.

Emergency Versions:

We must take into consideration the emergency situations like power failure or cut. During installation the lighting system, you should equip some emergency panels in areas such as escape routes. Since LED panels consume less power, they will last longer for approximately three hours.

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