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Solar Energy and LED Lighting: Good for the Environment


Saving with LED Lights

When considering the switch from traditional to LED lighting, it is important to think beyond the light bulb in calculating energy savings. Yes, LED lights use less energy, but they also produce less heat, last longer, and are cheaper to replace than many traditional lighting sources.
When Wesco Gas and Welding Supply decided to replace all of the metal halide light bulbs in their service areas with LED light bulbs they expected to save money on lighting and they did, reducing kilowatt usage by 40%. But the additional costs savings are equally significant. The switch to LED has led to reduced cooling expenses for the facility. 

LED lights require less frequent replacement and cost significantly less than high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs. LED lights also have a variety of applications beyond indoor lighting. Revitalize your signs and advertisements with low-cost LED in a range of colors. LED lights tolerate cold temperatures, so you can put them to work in cold-storage facilities and freezers. And don’t forget outdoor lighting fixtures when replacing bulbs. LED’s are perfect for architectural lighting and illuminating parking areas and walkways.