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New Utility Farm Luminaires


The New Utility Farm Luminaires are designed to support all stages of plant growth from veg to flower. The Series is available in three different sizes and outputs to support versatility in growing, including indoor warehouse, greenhouse, and vertical racks.

Featuring independently tested performance, the New Utility Farm Luminaires delivers an ultra-high output. The output is designed to meet and exceed the output of traditional lights while delivering up to 40% energy savings, contributing to a lower energy bill and operational cost savings, which enhances overall sustainability. 

Simple to Install & Easy to Control  
The New Utility Farm Luminaires incorporate a tool-less, toughness design for easy handling, shipping, and installation and are available with different mounting options: suspended, side-wall mount, or pipe/strut. A unique rotatable outer module feature allows for high lighting uniformity on the canopy, and removable lenses are easy to clean to help maintain full light output. The New Utility Farm luminaires are IP65-rated (waterproof listing) and come with a robust surge protection.
Additionally, the New Utility Farm Luminaires can easily be controlled, which allow users to easily turn fixtures on and off, dim, and adjust output levels. With wireless controls, fixtures can be grouped to respond in unison to commands and/or divided into separate zones of control with independent light output levels and dimming capabilities. It is easy start-up, configuration, and modification. 
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