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What are the advantages of LED spotlight with COB


LED spotlight with COB has a good effect in building the atmosphere of the store space, highlighting product characteristics, and promoting consumption. In this issue, Minghong has compiled relevant information and introduced you to the advantages of LED track lights. Let's take a look.

From the appearance of the LED spotlight with COB, it can be seen that the overall appearance and structure of the luminaire are smooth and concise, with a simple structure and no redundant structure. And from the planning share of the lamp body, it can be seen that in order to seek the appearance of industrial planning beauty, it uses the golden section share to plan the diameter and height of the lamp body.

The big difference between LED spotlight with COB and other same models is that it can replace the "outer" design, which greatly handles the shortage of replacement outerwear capabilities in the market, and uses it without affecting the overall appearance. Customized concise assembly, can replace the lamp jacket manually according to the application scene at any time, concise and convenient. Even if you encounter a new decoration scene, you only need to process the surface spray, and you can quickly customize a new "outer" with less cost, which beautifully handles the contradiction of the need to invest in research and development of the appearance.

From the perspective of details, the LED spotlight with COB horizontally, the connecting rod with scale, can set the projection angle very accurately, so that the planner’s debugging work is simplified; in the vertical aspect, there is a damping plan for the connection between the lamp body and the rod. When scheduling, it will not increase the time cost due to inaccurate force.

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