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How to install Emergency led bulb products


As we all know, emergency led bulb products are now indispensable household appliances in our daily life, and they are highly sought after by consumers for their green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving features. However, everyone encounters difficulties in the process of purchasing them, and many times they buy poor quality ones. So, let's take a look at how to install Emergency led bulb products!

1. Scribing and cutting

You need to measure the position of the gusset according to the size of the emergency led bulb products, and then use a knife to cut a round hole with the same size as the opening along the line just now. In order to prevent cutting hands, you can stick a circle of transparent glue on the edge after cutting.

2. Connect the pinch plate

Then all we have to do is put the light in and fasten it on the gusset with the buckle. When we go to the step above the installation diagram of Emergency led bulb products, we must make sure whether the led bulb is It is firmly fixed on the gusset plate.

The above is what we have learned about how to buy emergency led bulb products and how to install emergency led bulb products. I hope to help and choose some friends who have decoration ideas!