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Blue moon SMD LED downlight purchase skills


Blue moon SMD LED downlight can be said to be a great show in the field of commercial lighting and home lighting, but for most people, the purchase of LED downlights has indeed become a problem. Today, I will analyze several techniques for purchasing LED downlights:

Several purchased parts of Blue moon SMD LED downlight: panel, lamp holder, bracket and reflector. The material of the panel is generally as follows: iron sheet, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel.
Iron sheet home improvement is used as little as possible, but the price is cheap, so the tooling needs to be used more, because the renovation time of the tooling is faster. The home improvement is at least more than 5 years. Therefore, it is recommended to use die-cast aluminum, aluminum or stainless steel for the home improvement.
The color of the die-cast Blue moon SMD LED downlight is mainly sand-swept nickel, and the color of aluminum downlights should be diversified, mainly in three colors: sand gold, sand silver, and sand black, while stainless steel is mainly natural.