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Advantages of choosing Blue moon SMD LED downlight for hotel lighting


The applicability of Blue moon SMD LED downlight for indoor lighting is becoming more and more known, especially in the field of hotel lighting, and it is becoming more and more popular. So what are the advantages of Blue moon SMD LED downlight?

1. Beautiful decoration: LED downlight helps to maintain the overall unity and perfection of interior decoration, and does not destroy the setting of lamps and lanterns such as chandeliers. The light source is hidden inside the decoration, not exposed, no glare, and the visual effect of LED light source is softer and more uniform. .
2.Reduce hotel lighting electricity expenses: the same brightness consumes 1/4 of ordinary energy-saving lamps, and an LED downlight can save tens of yuan in electricity bills for hotel lighting a month.
3. Longevity: The lifespan of LED lamps is 50,000 hours, and it is used for 12 hours a day, which is a 10-year life. This also saves a large part of the hotel lighting.
4. Blue moon SMD LED downlight is not fragile, recyclable, and environmentally friendly, in line with the promotion of the family's environmental protection concept of "energy saving and emission reduction".