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How to choose Color changeable led downlight manufacturers


Color changeable led downlight is a lighting fixture that everyone is familiar with. It has a wide range of applications in commercial lighting, such as museum lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting, restaurant lighting, shop lighting, etc. Almost all downlights with different specifications and parameters are used. spotlights. The formation of the lighting decoration style without main lights is also closely related to the application of downlight spotlights, and the recent popular smart lamps can also use the matching of downlight spotlights and intelligent systems to make downlight spotlights in It is more convenient to use. Downlight spotlights are also widely used in home lighting and villa lighting. Now the downlight spotlights used by everyone are generally Color changeable led downlight, and the downlight spotlights used in commercial lighting are generally found. Lighting manufacturers purchase directly, so how do Color changeable led downlight manufacturers choose?

Although color changeable led downlights are commonly used lamps for commercial lighting, and they all have the characteristics of energy saving, good color rendering, high use stability, long service life, and low light decay of LED lamps, the beam characteristics of downlight spotlights are also There are some differences. The light source of downlight spotlights is different. Downlights are generally used as lighting lamps or as auxiliary lighting. Spotlights are generally used as accent lighting to highlight lighting objects. Downlights are generally down-lighting. The opposite side of the downlight is illuminated, and the illumination angle cannot be moved, while the illumination angle of the spotlight can be adjusted freely, which are some differences between the downlight spotlights.

When choosing a Color changeable led downlight manufacturer, we have to investigate from several aspects. The first is the strength of the manufacturer, which has a wide range. We can mainly judge its production line, production process, lighting material, production scale, and industry experience, and then analyze the manufacturer. Through the analysis of its production process and lighting materials, we can also understand the product quality of downlight spotlights. Then understand the customization strength of manufacturers. Now commercial lighting projects are pursuing design and personalization, so downlight spotlights with general specifications may not be able to meet the needs of high-end scenarios. This requires downlight spotlight manufacturers to have customized lamps. ability, so as to meet the actual needs of commercial lighting projects.

When we choose Color changeable led downlight manufacturers, we also need to examine the comprehensive service capabilities of the manufacturers. This service not only refers to after-sales service, but also has the ability to plan overall commercial lighting solutions, and can provide lighting solutions, lighting deepening, Lamp customization, installation guidance, after-sales service and other services, so that we can avoid other problems and affect the project cycle when we cooperate with downlight spotlight manufacturers. In addition to comprehensive service capabilities, we also need to understand the cases of downlight spotlight manufacturers' service projects, and examine the quantity and quality of their projects. If there are many customer cases and the quality of the cases is good, we can consider cooperating with them.