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What scenarios can SMD LED downlight be used in


With its application in commercial lighting, SMD LED downlight has been widely known by everyone. In museum lighting, shopping mall lighting, office lighting, hotel lighting, and catering lighting, the application of downlights can almost be seen. There are also many types derived from functions or applications, such as anti-glare downlights, frameless downlights, embedded downlights, surface mounted downlights, waterproof downlights, ultra-thin downlights, etc. Although these downlights belong to LED downlights, but there are still some differences in practical applications. SMD LED downlights are also a kind of lamps with many applications, so what scenarios can borderless downlights be used in?

SMD LED downlight means that after the lamp is installed, the frame of the lamp cannot be seen from the appearance, so that the lamp and the ceiling are integrated, so that the lamp and the interior decoration style are consistent, and the design elements of the original scene will not be destroyed, making the overall vision more visually appealing. Simple, this is also the obvious feature of the frameless downlight and other lamps, so the application of the frameless downlight is also very wide.

SMD LED downlight can be applied to commercial lighting with ceiling openings, especially some high-end lighting scenarios, such as museum lighting, brand store lighting, jewelry store lighting, high-end hotel lighting, 4S exhibition hall lighting, business office lighting, etc., SMD LED downlight All of them can have a good application, consistent with the atmosphere of the scene, and the lighting is uniform and comfortable, and the anti-glare design can also be used, which will not interfere with human vision.