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How to choose emergency led bulb


1. Look at the lamp beads

Lamp beads are the core components of emergency led bulbs. Different types and qualities of lamp beads have different luminous efficiency and lighting angles. Most of the light bulbs on the market today are single crystal lamp beads, that is, there is only one crystal. The performance of the dual-crystal lamp beads is better than that of the single-crystal lamp beads, and the lifespan is also longer than that of the single-crystal lamp beads. Moreover, generally, the number of lamp beads required to use double crystal lamp beads is significantly less than the number of single crystal lamp beads, which is more conducive to the optimization of the lamp body size.

Therefore, when purchasing, you can consult the shopping guide about the lamp beads of the emergency led bulb, and try to choose the double-crystal lamp beads, which not only have a long service life, but also have a high luminous efficiency and a high luminous angle, and are used in a wider range of occasions.

2. Look at the brightness

When purchasing emergency led bulbs, many consumers mistakenly believe that the higher the brightness, the better the bulbs. In fact, this is a big mistake in purchasing. Because the bright light is like the dazzling sunlight at noon, it is not only easy to damage the eyesight, but also affects the physical and mental health, especially easy to cause children to be withdrawn, irritable and irritable. Therefore, when choosing LED bulbs, it is necessary to combine the lighting environment, refer to the luminous flux index of the product, or pay attention to the brightness of the light, and try to choose lamps with sufficient brightness but not dazzling.

3. Look at the color

Looking at the color rendering index is to see the true degree of the color of the object under the light. The higher the realism of the object is, the better. You can use the colored objects on hand to do experiments under the light bulb, and from a more professional point of view, you can use the color rendering index to buy. Generally, the color rendering index of lamps and lanterns is better than 80. The higher the color rendering index, the better the light. The lower the object, the higher the degree of reduction.

4. Look at the heat dissipation material

Since the emergency led bulb will generate heat during the lighting process, the bulb must have good heat dissipation performance. The heat dissipation material of the bulb should be ceramic, followed by plastic-coated aluminum, and then plastic. When purchasing, choose bulbs made of ceramic materials, and try not to consider plastic materials to reduce the probability of danger.

5. Look at the light bubble shell

The emergency led bulb shell is also the lampshade of the light bulb. This part of the material greatly affects the light transmittance, glare, and light and shadow lighting effects of the lamp. At present, emergency led bulb bulbs on the market are generally mainly made of PC and glass. Among them, glass has better light transmittance, better light transmission performance, better uniform light shape, and can reduce glare and light spots. However, the disadvantage is that Relatively fragile.

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