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What are the classifications of High power module led flood light


The advertisements that can be seen everywhere are no longer simply carrying the task of publicity, but also add a fashionable color to the city. Many advertisements want to achieve a good nighttime effect, they will use floodlights, especially High power module led flood Because of its long life, good effect and bright colors, light is recognized by many advertising users and is used in the corner of the city to play its strengths. Let's take a look at the price of outdoor advertising outdoor advertising led floodlights. How much.

Advantages of outdoor High power module led flood light:
1. The shell of the floodlight is made of high-tech spraying technology and light alloy, so it has the advantages of no rust and corrosion, so there is no need to worry about the appearance being damaged by the environment.
2. The flood light has the effect of overall heat dissipation, which avoids the occurrence of failure of the LED flood light.
3. The flood light also has electromagnetic compatibility to prevent electromagnetic interference.
4. The flood light uses a high-efficiency gas discharge lamp as the light source, so it greatly increases the service life of the bulb. Generally, it is used for more than 10,000 hours, especially suitable for use in unattended outdoor situations.

As for the classification of outdoor High power module led flood light, you have already understood. The content in the above article can be used as a reference for you. The specific situation should be decided according to the actual situation. In short, High power module led flood light is very suitable for outdoor use.