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What is an E27 bulb?


The E27 bulb is one of the most common bulbs we have in our homes today. It’s also known as the Edison bulb with big screw socket (27 millimeters). E27 refers to the socket, the fastening which you screw into your lighting appliance. A bulb with an E27-socket will always have the same base but the shape of the bulb can, of course, differ.

What does the E27 bulb look like?

If you imagine the shape of an old incandescent bulb, you're on the right track. Today this is only one of the different shapes of the E27-bulb. It is available in the shape of pear, ball, globe, stick, candle, tubular, PAR and more. They can be used in every room in your home, in hotels and restaurants. Because of LED-technology, today we have a huge selection of retro styled LED E27 bulbs. They have different shapes, colored or clear finishes and visible filaments, just like the old incandescent bulb. You can choose what shape you want for your E27 bulb.

The E27 bulbs are available in different color temperatures

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin and indicates what the color tone the light has. It ranges from a low color temperature, which has a warm glowing light with a lot of red in it, to a high color temperature which has a cold light with a lot of blue in it. An old incandescent light bulb had a color temperature of 2700K, a very warm white light.