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What are LED Downlights? The Benefits of Recessed Lights


What are LED Downlights? The Benefits of Recessed Lights

Downlights, also known as recessed lights, are a key component for many residential lighting designs. Downlights can add a touch of sophistication and style to any living area. With today’s LED technology, downlights can also reduce electricity use and maintenance costs.

Downlights are light fixtures that are installed above the ceiling and shine down into a space. Typically, the trim of the downlight is flat against the ceiling. However, some trims such as gimbals or eyeballs stick down below the ceiling to allow for aiming the light.

Homeowners can install this type of lighting throughout an entire room. This is known as general illumination. You can also draw attention to a focal point or add visual interest to a space with downlights.

You can easily install downlights in a new home during construction, but you can also retrofit existing recessed fixtures to LED downlights.


 What makes downlights special?

Downlights stand out from other fixture types because there are so many different options for trims, lenses and reflectors.

Although fixed recessed lighting is the standard style, you also purchase downlights that swivel and serve multiple functions based on build, trim and angle. Eyeballs and gimbals are two recessed lighting styles that are becoming more popular because you can aim them in specific directions.

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