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How long does emergency lighting stay on?


In most buildings, it should stay on for three hours. This includes hospitals, theatres, town halls and libraries. Some buildings can provide a one-hour duration if evacuation is carried out immediately and re-occupation is held off until the emergency lighting system has recharged.

 There are multiple ways to power on our battery powered and portable emergency bulb: (1) Remove the bulb from your socket and activate the bulb with the press of a finger or wet cloth on the tip of the base. Your finger completes the circuit to turn on the bulb. (2) Use the provided hanging hook so you can turn on the LED bulb with the click of a button.

● WATERPROOF - The wet rating ensures our LED Emergency Bulb stands up to mother nature. Suitable for wet rated zones and outdoor spaces. Great for camping, boating, and backyard sleepovers. Do not submerge.

● PORTABLE -Kofi's portable bulb is rechargeable. This bulb lasts up to 3-4 hours when fully charged and when portable offers 80Lm/W Lumens. Ideal for camping, pillow forts, reading under the covers, and it makes a great transportable flashlight during power outages. Easily charge the bulb by screwing into any base socket with power on.

● CERTIFIED - We uphold the highest standards for all our products by testing each product for optimal performance and safety. Our LED bulbs are the sustainable choice offering a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs (halogen, incandescent, fluorescent) and reduced re-lamped costs.

● BENEFITS -2 or up years Warranty. Kofi is offering quality products at affordable prices backed by industry-leading warranties and knowledgeable support specialists.