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The 7 Best LED Flat Panel Lights: Reviews


The 7 Best LED Flat Panel Lights: Reviews

Are you also annoyed of glare, flickering, humming noises, and excessive power requirements of your existing fluorescent ceiling lights?

You will feel happy to know that LED flat panel lights can reduce all your worries along with giving you much brighter light than fluorescent lights.

LED lights are invented to save your electricity bill and talking especially about Led flat panel lights they reduce your electricity bills up to 90%. They give you unmatched brightness with uniform light distribution in your area.

They also provide you with the option to change the level of brightness you want in your area with their dimming capability. This further helps you in saving electricity bill by consuming only that much brightness which is required.

They have extra-large life of approx. 100,000hrs while your present lightning system gives you only 8000hrs of life. These LED panel lights easily replace your existing fluorescent troffers without requiring you to redesign or uninstall your existing drop ceiling.

They are much thinner and lightweight than your existing fluorescent troffers. They can be easily surface mount on your drywall ceiling if you don’t have a drop ceiling.

Don’t want to mount? You can hang them also with the supporting hanging mount sold with your panel lights. Led Panel lights do cost expensive while buying but the energy-saving returns you get are much more than you spend. This saving is so huge in the long run that you can’t even calculate it.

There is no limitation of place to install them, use them in your home business, lifts etc.

They come in multiple sizes panels that fit directly inside your drop ceiling. Select the one which fills up your space completely.

But before we resume our journey further, just go through following 3 most important factors to keep in mind before selecting your Led Panel

  • Dimming Capability – It is the most important factor nowadays associated with led panels. It is the ability of your panel to change the brightness it is giving as per your need. It is just like you change your fan speed as per your need. Every panel nowadays comes with this feature.

  • Lumen Count – It is the measure of the amount of brightness your Led panel is giving you. So, the panels having higher lumen count are brighter than panels having low lumen count. Hence, you should always buy the panel having a higher lumen count among the panels having the same price range.

  • Lifespan of Led Panel – Led panels are something that you don’t want to buy frequently nor it is possible because of their high cost and effort they require during installation. Thus, go for the panels that have the highest life. The panels we are going to introduce in our article have a lifespan from 30,000 hrs to 80,000 hrs.