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Farm LED Utility Luminaires


The LED Junction Box and Housing of this Farm LED Utility Luminaires are aluminum and polycarbonate. A junction box is an electrical enclosure that houses one or more wiring connections. The box protects the connections, which usually contain vulnerable points such as wire splices, from environmental conditions and accidental contact. Housing Color is black. The Die cast-aluminum finished in black “E” coat material, no rust or corrode in the harshest environment. It applies in dry, damp or wet environments. The Farm LED Utility Luminaires have excellent heat dissipation effect, and pure aluminum radiator body.  This light is IP65+ proof lamp that allows to be used out-door when it is raining. This is ideal for indoor usage in sunless places like a greenhouse, indoor garden, vertical farm, grow tent, etc.

FEATURES of Fam LED Utility Luminaires:
1.Instant start, no flickering.
2.Polycarbonate, lightweight construction will not rust or corrode.
3.Uniformly distributes a 120° spread of glare-free lumen diffused light. 
4.Protection of environment, no UV emissions, and mercury free.
5.LED engine provides consistent lumen output over changing voltage conditions.
6.Luminaire disconnection for safe service without exposure to electrical shock.  

The Farm LED Luminaires are allowed ceiling mount in wet location or wall mount in damp location, etc. Moreover, The Farm LED Utility Luminaires can apply in commercial and industrial facilities, agricultural buildings, animal confinement areas, walk-in refrigerators/freezes, tunnels, corridors, and walkways, athletic areas, storage buildings, and basements. Compact fluorescent or low wattage LED lamps have reduced life expectancy of 50% when enclosed in a glass globe. The Fam LED Utility Luminaires are better optical, thermal dissipation and electrical performance compared to compact fluorescent lamps or low wattage LED lamps.