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New LED Panel Lights


Our business is passionate about the environment! We have taken steps to reduce our energy consumption, lowering our carbon emissions for our loved local community. As a business we have invested in LED lights. This will make a huge difference to the environment and this is just the start of our sustainable journey.

How To Have LED Panel Lights for Home

If you are buying LED Panel lights for home, or for a commercial space that does not have a suspended ceiling (also known as a grid ceiling), then please remember that you will likely need to buy some optional mounting accessories.

The LED panel surface mount kit can be used to create a surface mounted LED panel light, whilst the LED panel recessed mounting kit is used to produce a recessed LED panel light. Either of these can be used make an LED Panel wall light.

Although the 600×600 led panel lights, and the 1200×600 LED panel lights are popular for commercial use, smaller sizes such as the 600 x 300 LED panel light, the 300 x 300 LED panel light, and even the 170 x 170 LED panel light, can be more suitable for home use.

How To Stay Healthy with Our Eyes When You Work In An Office

If you work in an office all day and use a laptop or PC, then eye health is particularly important.
Make sure you attend regular optician appointments, use drops to prevent dry eyes and always ensure that the lighting is efficient that you are not straining your eyes to see.

Although natural light is great in an office environment, sometimes you need the assistance of LED Panel lights or other artificial lighting to assist your vision.