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Best Solar Flood Lights of 2022


If you’re looking to illuminate your yard or provide a little extra light around your home but don’t want to raise your electricity bill, you should consider installing a solar-powered flood light.

Solar flood lights are an effective and affordable fix for any outdoor lighting problem whether it is for your driveway, sidewalk, or front door. There is also the added benefit of the floodlights being powered by solar energy.

In recent years, the market for solar flood lights has grown exponentially, with brands now offering brighter, longer-lasting, and more affordable options. The main considerations when selecting a solar flood light include brightness, price, coverage distance, and sensors. 

The Kofi lighting has several great qualities, and with different lumens, it is easily the brightest light on our list. The light’s high-quality remote control and the adjustable settings allow the light’s intensity to be controlled so it can be used for anything from patio to landscape lighting.
With this flood light, you also get the added benefit of a fast-charging time and one of the longest run times of any high-intensity solar flood light available, pushing over 8 hours.