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The Use of Bluemoon Recessed Frameless Panel Light



The LED Blue-moon Recessed Frameless Panel Lights are bright, energy efficient, attractively styled, and designed to fit into the tightest of spaces,making them perfect for virtually any residential or commercial application. With Ultra-Thin tall, these recessed lights can fit into tight spaces that a traditional recessed can light won’t, such as ceilings with ductwork/piping/obstructions, hot-roof ceilings with limited vertical clearance, and tight soffits. Installation is very straight-forward and is very similar to the same process you would use to install any light fixture. With CCT 3000/4000/6500, it is extremely suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any commercial areas including office, hallway or meeting rooms.

Panel Light Features:
1.High quality die-casting aluminum heat sink ensures adequate heat dissipation.

2.Frameless design, large luminous surface, uniform luminescence.

3.Lamp body ultra-thin design, personality fashion, and durable.

Panel Light Parameters:

Conventional installation method

1.Layout your light locations on the ceiling

Using a tape measure and the layout/grid design that you’ve decided on, layout the location of each light on your ceiling and mark the center of each light location with a small pencil mark. The old adage of measuring twice and cutting once is worth thinking about as you’re marking your light locations. No one wants to repair or patch a ceiling because they cut their hole in the wrong spot.
2.Cut the hole that you’ll install the fixture into

Using the table above to find the correct hole size for your Ultra-Thin recessed LED light fixture, draw the appropriately sized cut-out hole (round or square, depending on your fixture) on your ceiling using a pencil. Then, using a jab saw (or optionally, a drill with a hole saw for round cutouts), make a hole in your ceiling that is the correct size and shape for your light. Use care not to make cut-out hole any larger than recommended cut-out hole size.

New construction

For new construction applications, before installing drywall, layout your light locations and securely fasten the rough-in plate to your joists at each light location. The rough-in brackets have convenient slots in them allowing you to make minor adjustments to the bracket positioning after you’ve mounted them. Run wire to each of your light locations before drywalling. Before drywalling, double check the location of each light. Once you’ve drywalled, you won’t be able to adjust the positioning. Instruct your drywallers to cut-out the holes for each light using the rough-in bracket as a template. And make sure the LED Bluemoon Recessed Frameless Panel Light is firmly fixed. After the installation is completed, turn on the power. The LED Bluemoon Recessed Frameless Panel Light can help you save on lighting costs, saving up to 60% of energy while maintaining brightness. And they have a longer average life span.