LED Batten light News

The application of LED batten light


With the development and change of modern society, the rapid modern life is more and more accepted by people, and people are more and more pursuing high-quality life. The customized Linkable T5 LED batten lights are also used more and more frequently. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is deeply loved by people.

These integrated T5 LED batten come in various lengths. They emit up to 1,840 lumens of dimmable natural white light. The plug-and-play linear LED lights consume no more than 16 watts of power and are designed to last 5 times longer than fluorescent tube light fixtures. They have frosted lenses and slim aluminum housings. Create a light series with the optional butt connector or with one of several interconnect cables (sold separately). The linear task lights are perfect for workshops/benches, under-cabinet lighting, garages, and more.

Other Applications:
  • Emergency Vehicle Lighting
  • Enclosed Trailers
  • Off Grid Lighting
  • Cargo Lighting
  • Under-Cabinets
  • Boat Cabins
  • LED Workbench Light
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