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First choice of light scattering materials: PC & PMMA


In recent years, as the global energy crisis, the rapid development of LED. it has been widely used in lighting, backlight, and other industries. Because of its advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and long service life, LED has a broad application prospect. With the development of LED lighting industry, LED light diffusion board is also increasing rapidly.  We focus on LED diffusion material such as PC, PP, PS, PMMA, PVC, ABS, PBT (injection, extrusion, blow molding) and color matching, modification and other engineering plastics modification, aluminum, Iron and copper housing for our lighting fixtures (LED Batten Light, LED Panel Light, LED Downlight, LED Flood Light, LED Bulbs, LED Spotlight, etc.) 

At present, volume scattering light scattering materials, as a new type of light scattering materials, gradually replace the traditional light scattering materials in many application fields and begin to be widely used in LED lighting.

PC has a light transmittance of ~ 90%, good mechanical properties, low hygroscopicity and good flame retardancy. And PMMA is extremely transparent, with a light transmittance of 92% in the visible range, good processability and strong anti-ultraviolet aging properties. ABS has two properties of impact resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance, and it is easy to process, the scale of the product is stable, and the surface gloss is good, but because ABS is a blend, its light transmittance is poor. Therefore, considering the optical properties, mechanical properties, processability and other factors of the resin, PC and PMMA become the first choice of light scattering matrix materials.
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