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What are the differences between the installation methods of Plastic LED spotlight in china


Plastic LED spotlight in china is a kind of lighting fixture that is widely used in commercial lighting. It has good application effects in museum lighting, exhibition hall lighting, hotel lighting, restaurant lighting, office lighting, and store lighting. The application of various commercial lighting scenarios, Plastic LED spotlight in china has also derived different functions and different types of spotlights, so what are the differences between the installation methods of different types of LED spotlights?

Plastic LED spotlight in china can be subdivided into LED anti-glare spotlights, LED track spotlights, LED magnetic track spotlights, LED surface mounted spotlights, LED recessed spotlights, LED zoom spotlights, LED adjustable spotlights Light spotlights, etc., LED waterproof spotlights, etc., lamps with different functions can choose suitable spotlights according to the needs of the scene.

From the above functional types of Plastic LED spotlight in china, there are embedded installation, track installation and surface installation when installing LED spotlights. Recessed installation is the installation method of recessed spotlights, and it is also a common installation method for spotlight products. It needs to open holes in the ceiling. Most of the lamps and lanterns are embedded in the ceiling during installation, so this installation method will not affect the interior. The overall decoration style of the building can be guaranteed to be consistent with the architectural decoration style.

LED track spotlights and LED magnetic track lights and embedded spotlights have different installation methods. Track spotlights and magnetic track lights are installed on the track without opening holes, and the lights can be moved on the track. can also be adjusted. There are still some differences between LED track spotlights and magnetic track lights. The track lights are installed inside the track, or the lamps are embedded inside the track. The magnetic track lights use magnetism to attach the lights to the track. Here are some differences between track light and magnetic track light installation.

The installation methods of LED surface mounted spotlights and LED recessed spotlights are completely different. The recessed spotlights cannot see the main body of the lamps. The installation method of LED surface mounted spotlights is somewhat similar to that of ceiling lights, which can be clearly seen after installation. For the main body of the spotlight, we can use the surface mounted spotlight as a decorative design element to match. Moreover, the surface-mounted spotlights do not need opening design. If the indoor scene cannot be processed with openings, it can be considered to install surface-mounted spotlights.

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