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Introduction of Rocket LED bulb's related knowledge


The high power rocket LED bulb is a kind of light-emitting diode bulb, which is characterized by emitting light of different colors when the current is forwarded. High power rocket LED bulb is another kind of LED. Compared with low power LED, high power rocket LED bulb has higher power, brighter brightness and higher price.

The reason why high power rocket LED bulbs are called this way is mainly for low-power LED bulbs. The current classification criteria are summarized into three types. The first one is based on the power level and can be divided into 0.5W, 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W, 100W varies, depending on the total power of the molded product after packaging.
The second type can be divided into different types according to its packaging process: large-size epoxy resin packaging, piranha-like epoxy resin packaging, aluminum substrate (MCPCB) packaging, TO packaging, power SMD packaging, MCPCB integrated packaging, etc.
The third type can be divided into low-light-attenuation high-power products and non-low-light-attenuation high-power products according to the degree of light attenuation.

Of course, because the high power rocket LED bulb itself has many parameters, there will be different classification standards according to different parameters. The high power rocket LED bulb is the most important link in the field of general lighting for semiconductor lighting. When using the high power rocket LED bulb, you must understand the light intensity distribution, color temperature distribution, thermal resistance and color rendering, and master the light intensity distribution diagram of the W-class high-power LED, which is necessary for the correct use of the high power rocket LED bulb . Manufacturers must provide customers with various parameter indicators of LED devices

Whether the color temperature distribution of the high power rocket LED bulb is uniform or not will directly affect the lighting effect; and the color temperature and the color rendering index are related to each other, and the change of color temperature will cause the change of the color rendering index. The thermal resistance of the high power rocket LED bulb directly affects the heat dissipation of the LED device. The lower the thermal resistance, the better the heat dissipation; the higher the thermal resistance, the poorer the heat dissipation, so that the temperature of the device increases, which will affect the wavelength shift of the light. Color rendering is an important indicator of white LEDs, and the color rendering of white LEDs used for lighting must be above 80.

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