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How to choose the right Glare free LED flood light


Glare free LED flood light, also known as a safety light, provides the best quality lighting when strategically placed. They are ideal for building facades, billboard lighting, overhead highway sign lighting and similar applications. Choosing the right Glare free LED flood light for various applications can be a very challenging task. This is mainly because of the wide range to choose from. If you're confused about choosing the right floodlight for your application, here are some tips to help:

With new bulbs on the market, shopping based on lumens is more important than shopping based on watts. The reason is that wattage is a measure of how much energy it takes to light a product. On the other hand, lumens measure the amount of light produced by a particular light. Meaning the higher the number about lumens, the brighter the lighting in the desired area.

Color temperature is nothing but the color appearance of light from a lighting source. This is a vital feature when shopping for a Glare free LED flood light or any other light. Color temperature is responsible for creating the right atmosphere for the space you light.

Whether you are looking to buy a Glare free LED flood light or an LED flood light, you can consider the tips given above. Taking these factors into consideration will definitely help you choose the best light.