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What are the types of COB LED downlight


COB LED downlight is a lighting fixture that everyone knows and is widely used in commercial lighting. COB LED downlight can be widely used in hotel lighting, museum lighting, shop lighting, exhibition hall lighting, shopping mall lighting, office lighting, etc. It can also be used in In schools, hospitals, villas and other scenes, with the more and more widespread use of COB LED downlights, there are more and more types of LED downlights, so what are the types of LED downlights?

COB LED downlight is a kind of recessed lighting, which needs to be opened in the ceiling during installation, and the downlight is installed inside the ceiling, so the recessed installation of the downlight will not destroy the decorative style of the original interior building, and can maintain the same as the original interior building. The decoration style is the same, so some high-end scenes will also choose to use LED downlights. In addition to the embedded installation method, COB LED downlight also has a surface-mounted installation method, which is called surface-mounted downlights. The installation method of surface-mounted downlights and The ceiling lamp is similar, and the main body of the lamp will be displayed. When the ceiling is inconvenient to open holes, you can choose to use the surface mounted downlight. In terms of installation method, COB LED downlight can be divided into embedded downlight and surface mounted downlight.

With the wide use of COB LED downlights in application scenarios, there are more and more subdivisions in functional characteristics, anti-glare downlights, ultra-thin downlights, waterproof downlights, square downlights, dimming downlights, frameless downlights The waterproof downlight can have a good waterproof function, and the dimming downlight can adjust the color temperature of the light. We can choose LED downlights with different functional characteristics according to the actual choice of our manufacturers.

COB LED downlight products include recessed downlights, surface mounted downlights, square downlights, waterproof downlights, ultra-thin downlights, frameless downlights, ceiling downlights, embedded downlights, and can also be customized according to the scene downlight.

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