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What is the difference between Round shape T5 LED batten and T5 bracket light


Round shape T5 LED batten and bracket lights are widely used in home ceilings, corridors aisles, background walls, shop showcases, supermarket offices and other scenes. The two are basically similar in scene applications, which leads many people to use light strips and brackets when decorating. I don't know the choice of lamp. So, what is the difference between Round shape T5 LED batten and bracket lamp?

First, let's understand the concept of Round shape T5 LED batten and T5 bracket light.

Round shape T5 LED batten refers to welding the LED light on a copper wire or a ribbon-shaped flexible circuit board with a special processing technology, and then connects to a power source to emit light. It is named after it is shaped like a light strip when it emits light.

Next, let's take a look at the main differences between the two.

Round shape T5 LED batten is software. The length is mostly in meters. It can be cut according to actual needs. It has the characteristics of curling and soft like a wire, which is convenient for corner installation. It is dimmable, can control color changes, and can choose monochrome and RGB. The effect can bring colorful and colorful visual effects to the environment. Since the LED strips can only play an ornamental role, not the main lighting role, it is recommended to use warm white for spaces such as the living room and dining room, so that the space effect will be more warm and more eye-catching.
Compared with the Round shape T5 LED batten, the T5 bracket lamp has a standard size, and there are multiple specifications for power and length. A variety of sizes can meet the combined needs of different spaces. The T5 bracket lamp is installed separately in the lamp beads. It is easier to maintain and replace when it is broken. Unlike the replacement of the whole strip, the T5 bracket lamp can only replace the broken part.
In addition, the heat dissipation capacity and color rendering of the T5 bracket lamp are better than that of the LED strip. The power and brightness of the same length are higher than that of the Round shape T5 LED batten, which can effectively protect eyesight and can be used in general lighting environments. If you need a bright and comfortable visual environment, choosing a bracket lamp is a very wise choice.

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