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What are the differences between COB LED ceiling spotlight and traditional spotlights


With the application and development of LED spotlights, people are becoming more and more familiar with and understanding of LED spotlights. LED spotlights have been widely used in museum lighting, exhibition hall lighting, hotel lighting, office lighting, catering lighting, shop lighting, etc. Home lighting and villa lighting also have good applications, and the application scenarios are very wide. The application scenarios of LED spotlights are increasing, and the functional characteristics of LED spotlights are also derived, such as anti-glare spotlights, waterproof spotlights, surface mounted spotlights, small-angle spotlights, focusing spotlights, etc. COB LED ceiling spotlight is also New LED lamps derived from the development of LED spotlights, what are the differences between COB LED ceiling spotlights and traditional spotlights?

We can understand COB LED ceiling spotlight from two dimensions. The first is the dimming function. People who are familiar with the spotlight industry may have a better understanding of focusing spotlights. By adjusting the lamps, the beam angle of the spotlights can be changed. We can According to the size of the object to be illuminated, the appropriate beam angle is selected to adjust without the need to replace the lamp, which is very convenient in practical applications. Dimming spotlights can be adjusted to change the color of the light, that is, the color temperature. We generally choose to use warm light or white light indoors. Dimming means that we can freely switch between warm light and white light, so that led spotlights can be applied to a variety of scenes, and the lighting atmosphere can be adjusted according to the scene.

Another feature of COB LED ceiling spotlight is intelligence. Everyone should know about smart lamps. Whether it is through matching with intelligent systems, or using remote control or APP control, the application of COB LED ceiling spotlight can easily adjust the light. , it does not need to be operated manually as before, which is more in line with the needs of modern people's life, the combination of COB LED ceiling spotlight and other LED smart lamps, through the intelligent control system, can easily change the lighting atmosphere of the entire indoor environment, more Good for us to improve the quality of life.