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What are the key factors for the life of 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light


At present, 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light has been widely used in the field of indoor lighting, and everyone knows it more and more. So how to understand and calculate the life of 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light?

Calculate the junction temperature

The junction temperature seems to be a temperature measurement question, but the junction temperature to be measured is inside the 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light. It is impossible to put a thermometer or thermocouple into the PN junction to measure its temperature. Of course, its case temperature can still be measured with a thermocouple, and then its junction temperature can be calculated based on the given thermal resistance Rjc (junction to case). But after installing the radiator, the question becomes complicated again.

Specifically measure the junction temperature of 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light.

Now take a 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light as an example to illustrate how to specifically measure the junction temperature of LEDs. It is required that the LEDs are installed in the heat sink, and the constant current driver is selected as the power supply.

Take out the two wires that go to the 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light together. Connect the voltmeter to the output terminal (the positive and negative poles of the LED) once the power is turned on, and then turn on the power supply. Before the LED heats up, immediately read the reading of the voltmeter, which is also equal to the value of V1, and then wait. At least 1 hour, when it has reached thermal equilibrium, measure it again, the voltage across the LED is equal to V2. Subtract these two values to get the difference. It is removed by 4mV again, and the junction temperature can be obtained. The junction temperature obtained by this method must be much more accurate than calculating the junction temperature by measuring the temperature of the heat sink with a thermocouple.

The key to extending its life is to reduce its junction temperature, and the key to reducing junction temperature is to have a good heat sink. The heat generated by the 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light can be sent out in time. In fact, this is a question of measuring the junction temperature. If we can measure the junction temperature that any radiator can reach, then not only can we compare the The heat dissipation effect of this kind of radiator can also be known, and the life of 3 in 1 Frameless led panel light can be achieved after using this radiator.

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