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Analysis of the impact of the new crown epidemic on China's employment and entrepreneurship in 2020

he outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 will further increase the employment pressure and make the employment situation more severe. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to survive, and more than 70% of them choose to keep their staff size unchanged or reduce their staff appropriately. During the outbreak of the epidemic, the overall economic development of China was weak, which had a negative impact on entrepreneurship and employment.
Analysis of the impact of Xinguan epidemic on Chinese Enterprises: recruitment channels
According to a survey of enterprises returning to work during the Spring Festival in 2020, AI media consulting analysts found that affected by the epidemic situation, enterprises were forbidden to carry out offline recruitment activities, the proportion of face-to-face recruitment channels such as campus recruitment and offline job fairs decreased significantly, and the proportion of recruitment channels without face-to-face communication such as internal promotion, social channels and recruitment websites increased The most important channel for enterprises to recruit talents, accounting for 37.2%.
Analysis of the impact of the new epidemic on China's employment market: job demand (1)
Affected by the epidemic situation, in terms of posts, the 15 posts with the largest number of new students in recent years have significantly reduced the overall demand. According to the boss direct employment survey, except for the three posts of marketing, real estate agency and customer service specialist / Assistant, the demand of other posts decreased, among which the demand of content editor decreased the most, with a decrease of 78.3% year-on-year.
Analysis of the impact of the new epidemic on China's employment market: job demand (2)
In order to ensure the supply of materials during the epidemic period, manufacturing enterprises such as masks, protective clothing, disinfectants and other manufacturing enterprises have started production and processing at full capacity, and upstream and downstream enterprises have also accelerated the organization of production, which has led to a surge in the recruitment demand of general workers. With the gradual return to work of enterprises and the dependence of consumers on online consumption during the epidemic period, the recruitment needs of couriers and meal delivery personnel also ranked in the top ten.
Analysis of the impact of the new crown epidemic on China's employment market: industry demand
According to the survey, in 2020, the five industries with the most serious decrease in the demand for new recruitment in the ten days after the Spring Festival are tourism, advertising / media, hotel / accommodation, catering and Internet finance. AI media consulting analysts believe that during the epidemic period, the industries that need to gather offline are the first to bear the brunt of the impact, among which the tourism and catering industries are the most representative, and have reduced the recruitment scale; with the silence of the tourism industry, the hotel / accommodation industry has also been affected, and the recruitment scale has declined seriously.
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